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101, 2013

Australia joins US in $83m solar research plan

The Federal Government has announced an $83 million solar research program in partnership with the United States. The eight-year project will bring together six Australian universities, the CSIRO and the US department of energy. Its [...]

1611, 2012

Combet cuts support for solar

Climate Change Minister Greg Combet announced late this morning that the government will be phasing out the solar credits multiplier of 2 STCs per megawatt-hour to just one six months ahead of schedule on January [...]

1211, 2012

Power firm Synergy holds out on carbon tax

ENERGY company Synergy is pocketing millions of bonus carbon tax dollars by holding on to the money collected from West Australians for up to a year before handing it over to the Federal Government. The [...]

1010, 2012

Huge solar farm opened in WA

Australia's first utility-scale solar farm has opened for business near Geraldton in Western Australia's Mid West region. The 10-megawatt (MW) capacity Greenough River Solar Farm, which is Australia's biggest solar photovoltaic project comprising 150,000 panels, [...]

610, 2012

Risks in tinkering with RET target

Since the release of the Climate Change Authority's issues paper on the renewable energy target, public debate on the target has been primarily split between two camps. One is to change it because of the [...]

309, 2012

Australians lead in fitting solar panels on homes

AUSTRALIANS put more household solar panel systems on their roofs than anyone else in the world last year, new data from the Clean Energy Regulator and the International Energy Agency show. The statistic astonished many [...]

1308, 2012

Breaking the Barriers for Low-Cost Energy Storage

A team of researchers has developed a cheap, rechargeable and eco-friendly battery that could be used to store energy at solar power plants for a rainy day.Led by Sri Narayan, professor of chemistry at the [...]

1207, 2012

Solar panels linked to lower power usage

SCHEMES encouraging people to install solar panels and save energy have cut household power consumption and will restrict the pace at which electricity bills increase in coming years, a new analysis has found. While solar [...]

1905, 2012

Support swells for Perth Wave Energy Project

CARNEGIE Wave Energy hit a major milestone today - finalising all the investment needed for its first revenue-creating project. The Fremantle-based company has secured $31 million in cash through a Government grant and institutional investment [...]

404, 2012

Carbon tax to feature on WA power bills

West Australians will soon be able to see the carbon tax proponent of their power and water bills. While no other state is planning to do the same, from July 1, all WA utilities bills [...]

103, 2012

Fury as solar subsidy scheme cut short

The Federal Government is under attack from the Greens, the Coalition and the solar industry after pulling the plug on  solar hot water energy rebate scheme yesterday. Read more >> Source: ABC News

1702, 2012

Australian innovators in solar world first

In a boon for the local solar industry, a team of researchers from Swinburne University of Technology and Suntech Power Holdings have developed the world's most efficient broadband nanoplasmonic solar cells. Read more >> Source: [...]

712, 2011

More big power bill shocks in pipeline

WA households face a decade of electricity price rises at triple the rate of inflation as the State Government scrambles to keep up with the escalating cost of delivering power. Read more >> Source: The [...]